torstai, maaliskuu 26 2015
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Press Release: ArjoHuntleigh announces Seba™ – the revolutionary new way to save caregivers’ backs during manual patient transfer

Seba is the first and only single solution in the market for safely and comfortably moving patients from a Supine to Seated Edge of Bed (SSEB) position.

ArjoHuntleigh today announced the launch of Seba – a lightweight, ergonomic board with a center pivot point that allows caregivers to safely get patients from a supine position to seated at the edge of the bed. This type of positioning is an essential part of activating patients and providing quality care, yet it is often performed manually, putting caregivers at risk of back injuries and resulting in discomfort for patients.

Seba reduces the lift load for caregivers by up to 80% and ensures a healthy working posture throughout the lift process. “The simplicity of Seba results in consistency and predictability in everyday positioning tasks,” says Olle Esser, Global Product Manager. “And patients that feel comfortable and secure will be more motivated to take an active role in improving their mobility or rehabilitation.”

“With Seba, we now offer a solution for every step of the safe patient transfer process,” says Harald Stock, President & CEO. “Caregivers can now get patients from a supine to a seated edge of bed positon in one simple motion – with greatly reduced back load.”


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