It is estimated that 90% of nursing home residents need assistance with bathing (Ray 2014). ArjoHuntleigh shower and bathing solutions provide a dignified hygiene experience for patients and residents, and a safe and time efficient working environment for caregivers.

Every day resident/patient hygiene care results in needless injuries for caregivers and a loss of dignity for patients. Clinical studies have shown that this could be prevented and time can be saved. Resent studies has also showed that music has benefits for people with dementia and could be used to less agitation and improve mood (Ray 2014).

Clinical research has shown:

  • Height-adjustable aids substantially contribute to reducing the risk of physically overloading the caregiver during the patient hygiene session. 
  • Time can be saved by choosing the right showering and/or bathing solutions, as an alternative for washing the resident/patient on the bed.
  • The use of an adequate mechanical aid, tailored to the resident’s/patient's mobility level contributes to reducing the static load on the caregiver. 
  • The resident’s/patient's mobility level does not directly influence the risk of physically overloading the caregiver, if the caregiver uses the apropriate aid. 
  • The caregiver’s own attitude, can help to reduce the physical strain.
  • Comfort and general wellbeing will probably be enhanced by using a height adjustable bath, shower trolley or shower chair compared to washing in bed.
  • More gains can be achieved if the results of the study are applied in an active Safe Patient Handling intervention program.
  • Incorporating music-assisted bathing may address neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia by lessening agitation and improving mood, which in turn can increase job satisfaction (Ray 2014) 

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