What is safe patient handling? It goes far beyond the equipment.

Our experience, gained from decades of listening to and cooperating with healthcare professionals, has enabled us to identify and provide the key elements for safe patient handling, including resident/patient mobility rehabilitation.

Safe patient handling, as defined in  ISO/TR 12296:2012, is "any activity requiring force to push, pull, lift, lower, transfer or in some way move or support a person or body part..."

Our objectives with implementing safe resident/patient handling and mobility are:

  • To improve caregivers’ working conditions by decreasing the risk of biomechanical overload, and the consequent absenteeism and costs.
  • To ensure residents'/patients’ quality of care, safety, dignity, including personal hygiene.

ArjoHuntleigh creates a tailored package that has been optimised to meet the needs of individual care facilities, based on clinical evidence and agreed published best praxis, as well as national and international guidlines.