Bathing Solutions
Hygiene Lifters

ArjoHuntleigh:n hygieniatuotteet vähentävät työkuormaa, lisäävät tehokkuutta ja parantavat potilaiden elämänlaatua.

Daily hygiene

The range of shower, toilet and washbasin products enables safe, efficient daily hygiene routines for the full spectrum of resident/patient mobility. Easy-to-use equipment provides the optimum level of support and activation for each mobility level and ensures ergonomic conditions for caregivers.

Bathing and wellness

ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems ensure an optimum environment to support high quality and good working conditions throughout the assisted bathing cycle. We provide flexible solutions to meet safety and comfort needs in central bathing areas.

Burns treatment

Common to all ArjoHuntleigh burns treatment products is that they can solve the difficult task of transferring and transporting a patient from the bed to the bath. The ArjoHuntleigh therapy baths enable you to take advantage of the benefits of water immersion. Warm water is pain relieving and buoyancy aids the movement of limbs.