A comprehensive portfolio of Therapeutic Support Systems™ (TSS™) addressing the complex clinical needs of acute care residents/patients and supporting the safety, health, and financial goals of the healthcare provider.

ArjoHuntleigh's Acute Care solutions are designed to address the needs of the high acuity residents/patients, the caregiver and the acute care facility.

We understand the challenges faced by acute care facilities in managing residents/patients that require intensive care, coupled with the requirements for improving health, safety and financial statistics.

We offer a continuum of evidence based solutions that address a variety of resident/patient acuities, from the prevention to treatment of stages I to IV pressure ulcers and the management of severe pulmonary complications.

We help facilities to meet their healing and safety goals by offering flexible rental and capital options and other bespoke programmes for easier management of the financial aspects.

Caregiver safety, clinical support, training, seamless service and measurable financial and health outcomes are the essence of our solutions.