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ArjoHuntleigh offers a comprehensive portfolio of Therapeutic Support Systems™ that address the clinical needs of the long term care resident/patient with chronic heath conditions.

We also support caregiver training and safety, and help healthcare facilities meet their budgetary goals.

ArjoHuntleigh's Long Term Care solutions are designed to address the needs of the long term care residents/patients, the caregiver and the long term healthcare facility.

We understand the challenges faced by long term care facilities in managing residents/patients with multiple chronic health conditions, while also keeping control of costs and staff turnover.

Our Long Term Care evidence based solutions not only address the prevention and treatment of stages I to IV pressure ulcers, but also are designed for ease of use and safety.

We provide continuous training, support and educational programmes for caregivers, and we help healthcare facilities to manage their costs by improving health outcomes and offering a range of bespoke programmes.

Caregiver safety, clinical support, training, seamless service and measurable financial and health outcomes are the essence of our solutions.