ArjoHuntleigh offers a wide range of assessment services to help healthcare facilities improve their clinical outcomes and efficiency, and reduce risks for caregivers and residents/patients.

ArjoHuntleigh developed the Positive Eight™ philosophy in order to visualise the potential benefits – for both caregivers and residents/patients – of investing in safe resident/patient handling.

The Positive Eight identifies three prerequisites for stimulating mobility rehabilitation: sufficient space, proper aids and correct working techniques.

These three prerequisites are the basis for many of ArjoHuntleigh’s assessment services, together with the Mobility Gallery™, which categorises residents/patients according to their functional mobility and needs. As a result, ArjoHuntleigh’s assessments, such as Diligent™ Guaranteed Solutions, ProACT™ Solutions for Capital Equipment Planning and the Care Thermometer™, provide you with a detailed gap analysis of your current practice versus internationally recognised best practice. 

The resulting recommendations help healthcare facilities to improve their quality of care, financial outcomes and efficiency, and reduce risks for caregivers and residents/patients.

In addition, ArjoHuntleigh has extensive global experience of clinical assessments relating to pressure ulcer prevalence & incidence, and leading quality indicators designed to reduce Healthcare Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU).