The Care Thermometer™ evidence-based tool provides an efficient and reliable overview of care locations where improvements can be made for residents/patients and caregivers in the physical care load and prevention policy.

The Care Thermometer is an online safe patient handling assessment tool recommended in the ISO Technical Report 12296:2012. Ergonomics - manual handling of people in the healthcare sector. Download the edited ArjoHuntleigh summary here for an overview of evidence-based methods of how to assess risk within safe patient handling and how to identify and apply strategies and solutions in order to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

The Care Thermometer is based on the Mobility Gallery™ and these principles form the basis for other clinical assessments, such as Diligent™ Guaranteed Solutions and ProACT™ Solutions for Capital Equipment Planning.

Visit or for more information. This assessment tool is available in multiple languages.

More than 3,500 online assessments, in more than 20 countries around the world, have been completed using the Care Thermometer, helping facilities to identify where their caregivers may be exposed to the risk of a back injury at work.