The most common challenge faced by healthcare facilities today is funding.

It forces a lot of healthcare facilities to service and maintain equipment far beyond its recommended life cycle, while exposing residents/patients and caregivers to unnecessary risks.

ArjoHuntleigh has developed a new consultancy solution, designed to help you improve your strategic planning and deliver quality care today and in the future.

ProACT™ Solutions for Capital Equipment Planning have been designed for healthcare facilities looking to maximise their return on equipment investments, increase operational efficiency and improve resident/patient outcome.

ArjoHuntleigh’s Mobility Gallery™ classification system provides a tool with which to analyse the resident/patient dependency level within each section of the facility. Recommendations are based on the facility's mobility needs, care activities, environment and staffing requirements. 

ArjoHuntleigh experts will:

  • assess your current needs (old equipment, Mobility Gallery, safety concerns);
  • consult with you to develop a distinctive plan (automated proposal development for discussion with managers); and
  • transform your facility for optimum care (improve quality of care, safety, corporate efficiency).

Using the ProACT approach, ArjoHuntleigh will work together with your organisation to compose recommendations for a 5-year capital plan, based on an assessment of your equipment inventory and the mobility needs of your residents/patients.

ProACT is the natural starting point for a full ArjoHuntleigh 3-year cultural change partnership, through the Diligent™ Guaranteed Solutions initiative.

Click on the Talk to us and request that an ArjoHuntleigh representative contacts you to discuss a ProACT assessment of your facility. We would be happy to provide you with additional insight into what ProACT involves and what to expect from the action plan.